Architectural Services

Blueline Reprographics offers a wide variety of services for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) communities.

High quality plans and specifications printing with originals up to 36” wide by almost any length can be reproduced on bond, vellum or mylar over a wide spectrum of enlargement or reduction ratios. Blueline also has the equipment and technology to process documents of unusual length such as well logs or seismic charts.

Blueline can also scan large format originals and save either to media or FTP for download. Cost effective color scanning of as-builts is available upon completion of your job. Our skilled technicians can scan, index and archive these drawings to CD or DVD.

Using the latest technology and CAD software, Blueline can take your digital files and process these images for high quality output on our equipment. Blueline Reprographics provides complete plan room services including bid broadcasting to assist your firm in the document management of your project including shipping capabilities in both hard copy or digital. .

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  • Blueprints

    Production of Construction, Engineering & Architectural Plans

  • Oversize Color

    Printing Oversize Color for Construction

  • Oversize Color Prints

    Banners, Signs, Promotions for Construction Services.

  • Maps and Geology

    Scanning, Reproduction, Archiving and Finishing on Oversize Maps and Detailed Line Images.

  • Marketing Packages

    Presentation materials, digital archives of plans and files packaged to sell the development or idea.

  • Finishing Work

    Mounting and Lamination to complete your professional presentations

  • Equipment & Supplies

    From CAD to Engineering and Survey Equipment, Rubber Stamps and Office Supplies.

Digital Work

Blueline Reprographics state-of-the-art digital reprographic systems allow us to print a 1st generation “plot” straight from the digital original. This can be done in color or black/white. We have the capability to plot your output on a variety of mediums including vellum, film (mylar) or bond paper up to 60” wide.

At Blueline Reprographics we can receive your AutoCAD .dwg, .dwf, .dxf or .plt files and apply the latest versions of the AutoCAD software to satisfy your output needs. Don’t forget to use the full power of AutoCAD by providing us with your .ctb files that allow us to utilize your pin weights, line weights, and colors to optimize the presentation and accuracy of your drawings. We can receive your files from CD’s, via email or uploaded to our ftp site so as to allow us to evaluate and determine the best solution for your CAD plotting needs.

Blueline Reprographics offers our clients the service of converting your hard copy or scanned blueprints, engineering/architectural drawings and maps into CAD perfect files. Conversion allows organizations to convert their legacy hard copy drawings, maps, or images into digital resources. This is a reasonable cost alternative to having your CAD technician spending time to recreate your drawing into a CAD format. In fact, our service is about a quarter of the cost and guaranteed for one year. Delivery of our finished product is usually within 48 hours with a rush service available.

There are many advantages to having your drawings in digital format:

  • Convenience
  • Easy editing for modifications and alterations
  • Easy Storage and Retrieval
  • Cost Savings
  • No more costly scanning or manual changes
  • Reduced storage requirements
  • Excellent Presentation
  • Remodeling becomes easy in digital space
  • Presentation is superb with similar elements organized into layers with color coding
  • Affordability and Fast Value for money with very affordable rates
  • Various formats available like AutoCad, Microstation, dxf, etc

Give our technicians a call to see how we can convert your paper architectural drawings, maps, as-builts, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, mechanical, and various types of engineering drawings into perfect editable CAD files.

Blueline Reprographics is your one stop location for document scanning and archiving. If you need to create a digital image of your hard-copy original for storage, printing or emailing Blueline has the digital equipment to assist with your needs.

Our in-house technology allows us to scan everything from full color architectural and enginnering drawings to simple black & white letter documents into easy to handle, store and distribute files.

  • Scan to file (.pdf, .tiff, .jpg and more)
  • Black & white or color scans up to 48" wide and any reasonable length
  • Mounted drawings or documents up to 1/2" thick
  • Architectural and engineering scanning - drawings and specifications
  • Legal Applications - various litigation and discovery documents and coutroom exhibits
  • Fine art scanning
  • Blueline can create your images in both MAC and PC formats, scan your files to CD or DVD or upload to our ftp site for your file transfer.
  • We can group multi-page documents into a single pdf file, index your files as per your direction for easy location or output your images on a variety of mediums and substrates.

Imagine being able to replace entire file cabinets, storage units, and closets full of documents with digital data stored on CD's. When "image is everything", be sure to call Blueline Reprographics to provide you with a scanning and archiving solution. Blueline continues to think green with our services with little or no waste is created in this process while taking advantage of our in-house digital technology.