Frequently Asked Questions

We are fully capable for oversize printing; black and white or color. High quality plans and specifications printing with originals up to 36” wide by almost any length reproduced over a wide spectrum of enlargement or reduction ratios. Blueline also has the equipment and technology to process documents of unusual length such as well logs or seismic charts. With the our digital equipment and technolgy, we can reduce or enlarge your paper orginals to any size or scale you require.

Within copyright laws; we can scan, archive, reproduce, color correct, color match, enlarge, reduce or digitally store your print or artwork to CD, DVD or portable drive. We have many options for media including a wide range of papers, canvas, photo paper, vinyl, banner and window cling.

We are equipped to handle most file types including the full range of AutoCAD and architectural/construction file types, image files of various origin (this is dependent on the type of software that produced the file.) For documents and images we prefer Adobe PDF where no edits are required, and if edits are required the native file format with all associated files (fonts, images, artwork, graphics) is required for optimal printing.

Black and white printing to 36" wide by any length. Color printing can range from 36" wide to 60" wide depending on output media. We print on many stocks and weights of paper, as well as art paper, translucent materials, artist canvas, photo satin and gloss media, clear and white vinyl window cling, and vinyl scrim banner that can be used indoors or out.

This will vary depending on a few factors: 1) The quantity and size of your project(s). 2) If it's a final project or a draft requiring revisions, proofing, and approval. 3) The media and ink requirements if it is not something we stock and must special order. 4) Communication about your project from start to finish. All of these things affect the timeline of a project. We generally try for a 24-48 hour turn-around time on MOST projects of small to medium scale.

We welcome your design ideas, input and involvement with your project. Good communication about your vision and the final product you desire will produce the best results. We do not, however, allow clients and customers to operate or use our equipment as it is specialized. If you have software or programs that you use and can develop your project on your own, we are happy to guide you for the best output on our printers and systems.

While we have many options and services, we do outsource products that exceed our quantity, media or ink options. The most common outsourced items are business cards that have special cuts, inks, papers or require multi-process printing. We have outsource options for buttons, mugs, wearables, high-volume items of brochures and marketing package items. Turnaround time varies from 3 to 10 days depending on requested items and final approval.

Giclee processes use fade-resistant, archival inks, and archival medias. The printers have multiple cartridges for variations of each color based on the CcMmYK color model as this increases the apparent resolution and color gamut and allows smoother gradient transitions. With giclee printing the artist does not have to pay for the expensive printing plate setup or the marketing and storage needed for large four-color offset print runs. Art can be printed and sold individually in accordance with demand.