Perfect for the job-seeker, networking, job fair or targeted search. A small-run of professional, high-end business materials to start you out on a job or career search, allowing you to tailor and target for a specific focus. If you need to cross-market yourself you may select multiple packages of this level and tailor each to your desired objective or discipline.

Add ons

Additional services and products may be added to our Marketer package for applicable cost. Pricing is indicative of use of standard stocks, with provided/approved artwork. Graphic design services are available at an hourly rate. Thermographic ink and rush services additional.

Business Cards

Making an impression, and providing the information to follow up- professionally. Marketing level provides business cards that are simple, classic, and allow you to reinforce your professional image.

Resume Materials

Resumes and cover letters with digital printing for clear, crisp, sharp presentation of your skills and achievements. Stock upgrades available at addtional costs that depend on the material and finish. Blank envelopes to match your stock may be available.

Mailing Tools

Matching envelopes to many stocks, and a self-inking stamp with your return address, contact information, or other frequently provided text to facilitate quick and easy communication.


Standard stocks include our heavyweight color stock which is clean, bright white, and bleed-through is minimal. Additional stocks including resume, linen, textured, colored, granite, marble and other options available at upgraded cost.


Standard flat ink is included in pricing. Thermographic (raised) ink is available at additional cost. Foils, decorative die cuts, rounded corners or other creative options are available in our Creative Package.

B&W or Color

You may choose a classic black on white option for your materials, or experiment with full color, spot color, or variations therein to present your credentials and skills in their best light.


A self-inking stamp can be used to return-address your envelopes, to have a tracking system of your sent/received items, assist in filing, or provide a fast option to add marketing and contact information to any surface that will accept the impression you wish to make.

Minimum Quantities

Some of our products have minimum quantities required. We provide blank envelopes as the minimum quantity for custom printed envelopes is 250. Please let us know if you would like to order these at that count, we'd be happy to order them for you.

Targeted focus

Our marketing package may suit you best if you want to divide and conquer. Splitting your focus between sales and advertising? Looking at moving in a new direction and want to maximize your options? Want to have one classic version and one that shows more creativity? You can tailor this compact package two and three times over, providing you continuity in quality, and redirecting your focus where it will give you the most advantage.